Microsoft Sway

img_6678Microsoft Sway
is an online application which is great for students to use. Sway is super easy to learn with the built-in templates and makes presenting information in a graphical and visual way very easy and is fantastic in a BYOD classroom. Students login using their Office365 account credentials and select the Sway app tile. There are apps available from both the Microsoft and iTunes stores.

The great thing about Sway is that being so easy means they can focus on the information and concepts – not struggle with learning the skills to use the application. They are, of course, learning skills required for using the software, but the application is very intuitive and again the use of templates guides them in the potential of the application.

I integrated Sway into a lesson this week about how students see the internet impacting society and its future potential. Within the hour of our lesson, after some robust class discussion on the value of the internet, the students had produce some  fantastic Sways to present their opinions in a visually engaging way. I didn’t have to spend hours prior to the lesson working out how to use Sway or then teach them to skills to use it. Now, they have not only been introduced to a new cloud-based tool they can access anywhere they have an internet connections, the students enjoyed the fact the time to learn the application was almost nil, yet they had a visually appealing presentation. The students shared the link to Sway with myself and their peers, with an opportunity for discussion and peer assessment (I hear you say Hattie ;-)).

I love the fact you can produce something very easily without any previous experience or you can delve in further and access a lot of the more advanced functionality. There are some great How to sites available including, of course, some good information on

The students really enjoyed using Sway and saw a lot of application with their learning. One student even thought she could use it as a way to create summary or revision notes and make these more interesting to learn and remember. I love it when the students can take a new technology and apply it to other areas of their learning 😉 It’s worth a look!


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